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Coming Soon! TRIA VIA Journal 6: Thinking Out Loud

Coming Soon! TRIA VIA Journal 6: Thinking Out Loud

What happens when Mia, Lia and Sophia’s thoughts turn into things and how do they open their thinkers?

In this Journal, Mia, Lia and Sophia learn that thoughts have the power to make things and sometimes they need to be turned back into air. The girls find good things to think about and meet a song-maker while exploring new thoughts in Whirl with their thinkers.

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What Readers Are Saying!


“I love these stories! I really like that one of the girls has the same name as me. It’s cool how each girl has her own adventure in the story and they’re not all the same.”
      ~ Sophie, age 8, Montana, US.

“My kids love these books and I do too! Beautiful stories with great lessons for people of all ages. Highly recommend.”
     ~ Maria, mom of 3, Montana, US.

“The TRIA VIA stories are absolutely charming and you can feel immediately the joy of the colorful and whirling adventures. Your kids will love the exciting stories of the three girls, the wonderful swinging melody of the text and the absolutely loveable illustrations. “

     ~ Regina, mother, Cuxhaven, Germany.

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