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TRIA VIA Journal 2: Gardens Galore

TRIA VIA Journal 2: Gardens Galore

Can Mia, Lia and Sophia grow anything in their gardens, even thoughts and ideas?
In this journal, the girls go swirling to the Garden of Whirl and share how they grow gardens of their own. They plant all the seeds they find in the Kingdom of Whirl and grow amazing things. Sophia even finds a gold tree with gold sap and it gives her eyes in her hair that can look everywhere!

Once along a timeline in a kingdom so near... three young girls began swirling without any fear
Join Mia, Lia and Sophia as they have delightful adventures in the Kingdom of Whirl. The girls often begin swirling and enter another world where they have fun with light, sound, color and whimsical substances because everything there is alive. Follow along as they discover a whole new realm, exploring new places and meeting new people from the comfort of their everyday life.
This delightful rhyming picture book series is great for preschool children and as an early reader. This adventure series blends science fiction, fantasy, imagination and rhyme for a winning combination to delight the read aloud crowd.

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What Readers Are Saying!


“I love these stories! I really like that one of the girls has the same name as me. It’s cool how each girl has her own adventure in the story and they’re not all the same.”
      ~ Sophie, age 8, Montana, US.

“My kids love these books and I do too! Beautiful stories with great lessons for people of all ages. Highly recommend.”
     ~ Maria, mom of 3, Montana, US.

“The TRIA VIA stories are absolutely charming and you can feel immediately the joy of the colorful and whirling adventures. Your kids will love the exciting stories of the three girls, the wonderful swinging melody of the text and the absolutely loveable illustrations. “

     ~ Regina, mother, Cuxhaven, Germany.

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